Bayeux Tapestry TV Documentary

📣Exciting news 📣

The French documentary on the Bayeux Tapestry that I was interviewed for, along with others, will be shown on BBC4 this Tuesday. Here’s the link for those of you who are interested:

Ps, it is showing in English

Image description: a screenshot of the BBC4 schedule showing the advertised program

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  1. I just saw it! I was wondering what you thought about the research into the original intensity of the various thread colours.


    1. I’ve got it down for weekend watching so I’ll let you know about the colour intensity once I’ve seen it.
      I knew the research was taking place but I’ve not seen the results yet so I can’t wait to see that bit.


      1. I felt like the methodology wasn’t explained all that well. Either that, or it was just me not understanding/not hearing it. Presumably they had to know how much light the tapestry has been exposed to over almost 1000 years so that they could then blast each modern sample with the same amount, because otherwise how could they tell which modern unfaded colour corresponded to the original faded ones? But the crucial bit I didn’t get was *how* they estimated that. I tried looking for details but only came across this, from 2020 (page 72):
        Maybe I’m just not understanding how hyperspectral imaging works and it can detect concentrations of a substance which remain at the same concentration over the centuries even though the colour visible to the human eye which is linked to that concentration fades?


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