The Griffin Kit

Bayeux Tapestry Griffin Kit £72.00

Create your own Bayeux Tapestry griffin using authentic materials

Skill level: beginner / intermediate


This kit is part of the Authentic Bayeux Tapestry Collection. The design is based on the chirpy griffin that inhabits the lower border of scene 8, ‘And where he held him’. It stands below Guy of Ponthieu who sits on his horse holding a falcon and leading the captured Harold to William.

This 11cm x 8cm design is handprinted onto the linen ground fabric handwoven to the specifications of the original Bayeux Tapestry fabric. The embroidery is worked in crewel wool threads that are hand dyed with natural dyes, creating similar tones to those seen in the original Tapestry. The kit also includes a handmade bronze needle. All kits are hand produced to order by Alex.


  • Handwoven linen with hand printed design
  • Handmade bronze needle
  • Lambswool 2-ply crewel wool threads – complete skeins
  • Fully illustrated, step-by-step instruction book with stitch and colour charts

You will also need:

  • a 12cm (5 inch) embroidery hoop
  • embroidery stand or clamp for your hoop
  • embroidery scissors
  • a tape measure
  • a pencil
  • a small screwdriver to tighten your embroidery hoop

To order now, please complete the form below to start the process.

While all images have been produced to the highest possible standards, colours may vary slightly from the kits. Colour variation may also be a result of using natural, hand dyed products and processes.

Please note that these kits are none returnable. However, if you need help with your kit please do contact Alex. Her email address can be found in the instruction book or she can be contacted via the contact page on this website.

A note on packaging: Each kit uses recycled, recyclable and eco-made compostable packaging. Labels and instruction books are made with recycled paper in a carbon neutral process. Delivery packaging is reused, recycled and / or recyclable.

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