Cuthbert Recreation Project

This project aims to explore the actual making process involved in creating something as small, intricate and beautiful as the maniple that was re-discovered along with a matching stole and a pair of ribbons, in the tomb of St Cuthbert in Durham Cathedral in the 19th century. Although the stole, maniple and ribbons were technically,... Continue Reading →

Out Now

My book, The Lost Art of the Anglo-Saxon World: the sacred and secular power of embroidery, is out now. It can be bought from Oxbow Books. It is the culmination of a PhD completed over 6 years part time and another year and a half of work. A huge thank you goes to the amazing... Continue Reading →

Tag Deva, Chester

Off to TAG DEVA 2018 at Chester University today. I’m talking about the post excavation journeys of embroidery and developing sensory engagement in #tag404, ‘Fighting for our Finds’, later on this morning.

Leeds International Congress 2019

Come join Peter Lester, Uni of Leicester, and me for our IMC session 231, 'Materiality & Meaning: engagement with Medieval Objects'. Monday 1st July at 14.15. We have 3 great speakers: Charlotte Berry, Magdalen College, Oxford, Ceri Jones & Armand De Filippo, Department of Museum Studies, Leicester. Then come and hear my paper, 'Early Medieval... Continue Reading →

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