New Recreation Project Announcement

Morning one and all 🎉I’m back YouTubing 🎉 Here’s the link to my latest video, which introduces my new, and exciting, project- a recreation of part of the Bayeux Tapestry. Enjoy! 🖥️💻📱🎧 You can also access it by heading to YouTube and searching for Bayeux Tapestry recreation or heading to my page ‘early medieval... Continue Reading →

Early Medieval (mostly) Textiles #27

Hello everybody and welcome to the latest Early Medieval (mostly) Textiles blog. This time I'm very excited to be introducing Ulrike Beck. Ulrike leads the BMBF-funded research project InnoTexGes (Grant 01UL1917X) at the University of Arts Berlin, where she investigates clothing production related to the social and economic context. In addition, Ulrike investigates problem-solving in... Continue Reading →

Early Medieval (mostly)Textiles #26

In this edition of Early Medieval (mostly) Textiles I am very pleased to introduce Elizabeth Palacios. Elizabeth studied art in the Fine Arts School of Peru. After graduating, she continued her studies at the Textile Conservation Centre (UK) specializing in textile conservation and was awarded her master's degree from the University of Southampton in 2010.... Continue Reading →

Online Workshop Announcement

I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be teaching this lovely piece through Knally Embroidery later this year. It’ll be online and you can find out more details here: The design is based on / inspired by a 6th-century horse harness excavated in Winchester, where Embroidery Knally is based. The colours were inspired by... Continue Reading →

Early Medieval (mostly) Textiles #25

This month I'm delighted to introduce Nancy Spies, an an independent scholar who has devoted her time since she left teaching, to researching medieval textiles. Her first book, "Ecclesiastical Pomp", deals with brocaded tabletwoven bands, and has become one of the 'go to' works on this subject. She is currently researching12th-century Tunisian church textiles and... Continue Reading →

Early Medieval (mostly) Textiles #24

Hello everyone. In this month's blog post I am pleased to introduce Melinda Hey, a textile conservator who is going to take us through some of the things she encounters when working on different textile objects and how she deals with them. I originally trained in fine art embroidery but now I’m a textile conservator... Continue Reading →

Early Medieval (mostly) Textiles #23

Welcome to the latest blog post. Here we discover the early to late medieval textiles that are associated with St Wenceslaus in Prague Castle. Milena Bravermanová, Helena Březinová, Jana Bureš Víchová This month I am delighted to bring you an article by Milena Bravermanová, Helena Březinová and Jana Bureš Víchová, archaeologists and textile conservators specialising... Continue Reading →

Early Medieval (mostly) Textiles #22

This month I am really pleased to introduce you to Ulla Moilanen, who is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki. She has a wide expertise of Viking Age artefacts from inhumation burials dating from Late Iron Age to Post-Medieval period and she has undertaken fieldwork. Ulla is also interested in interdisciplinary research. In... Continue Reading →

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