#788 – Textiles Iconography from Europe and Asia

Yesterday’s EAA conference session went well. A big thank you to all who turned up; we were in the graveyard slot after all. Three great papers plus mine. Astrid Klein, who’s doing her PhD at Leipzig University, spoke on Dressed to Differ: Artists, Merchants, and other Figures in the Paintings of Kuča. In it she gave an overview of her work so far, discussing the use of different dress models and their origins. I then read out Marianna Cuomo’s paper, Early Medieval Textiles and Their Pictorial Sources. This gave an overview of Marianna’s Master’s research on the painting of textiles found in churches in Campania, Italy. I then gave my paper, The Stitched Art if Textiles: Depictions of Liturgical Garments on Two Early Medieval Embroidered Priestly Vestments, which looked at the meaning of the religious vestments embroidered on the Stole and Maniple found in the tomb of St Cuthbert in Durham Cathedral, UK. Finally, Riina Rammo (University of Tartu) gave a really interesting paper, Carved in Stone: Unique Depictions of Rural Dress in Estonia. She demonstrated that women’s clothing depicted on the carvings could be traced to surviving archaeological evidence.

The discussion was good with a number of interesting questions from the audience.

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