Cuthbert Maniple Project Update

The next update of the Cuthbert Maniple Recreation Project is up on Instagram

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Cuthbert Maniple Update I finally took the plunge and went back to the head, only to discover that I’d drawn it incorrectly (argh!). So unpicked the neck and tonsure. I redrew the head on artists acid free tracing paper and when I was happy with it, I redrew it on the ground fabric. Unfortunately I had to use a modern transfer pen as the original outline refused to budge when I tried to erase it (another interesting research point). The stitching didn’t take that long really, despite having to refer back to images of the original regularly. What’s interesting are the lines of stitching, not straight up and down but following contours, similar to later Opus Anglicanum examples. The same with the hair. I then outlined and inserted the features. I have to say that after a rubbish start, I’m pleased with the results, despite the differences you can see between it and the original. #embroidery #embroiderer #handembroidered #technique #silkthread #silk #earlymedieval #earlymedievalarchaeology #earlymedievalhistory #earlymedievaltextiles #textilearchaeology #textiletechinques #archaeologicaltextileart #archaeologicaltextile #archaeologicaltextiles #historicalembroidery #historicalembroiderytechniques #bordado #broderie #naturaldyes #naturaldye #handdyedyarn #splitstitch #stemstitch #handcrafted #craft #historicaltextiletechnique #historicaltextiles #colour #color

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This time it’s the head

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