Conference Paper on YouTube

Just realised that a paper I gave at the European Association of Archaeologists conference in 2018 is now live on YouTube:

In the 15 minute paper I explore the multiple layers of meaning the 10th-century ‘Cuthbert’ stole & maniple had to early medieval society from the materials through the embroidered designs to wearing / viewing them

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  1. Alexandra, do you have an electronic hard copy of the paper you gave on the Cuthbert stole and maniple? I would love to read it. Since my field is brocaded tablet-woven bands, all research on these particular textiles are of great interest! Thank you.


    1. I should have a copy somewhere. Contact me through the website’s contact page and I’ll get it to you.
      I’ve just been referencing your excellent book on tablet-weaving in an article I’m writing


  2. Also, I would be very interested if any research has been done on the iconography of the brocaded tablet-woven bands. They are very crude but clearly are animals and foliage. Has more been explored such as their possible inspiration? I am thinking maybe Coptic?


    1. Hmmm. There’s the analysis is Battiscombe but I think that’s it. Leave that with me. Grace Crowfoot wrote an article yonks ago but I think that was about their construction. I’ve got that one somewhere but I’m assuming you’ve got a copy of it too. If not, I can ferret it out


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